Our Air Freight service is a great solution for your time sensitive cargo. We offer our clients worldwide airfreight services that meets your needs at competitive prices. In our export and import department you will find our trained transportation specialists to offer several options catered to each client individually. Immediately after receiving your request we issue an estimate of the shipment. Upon your approval your shipment receives first class service and our booking system will generate confirmation for each shipment with the flight details and airway bill number. We have additional services that go side by side with your air shipment:


Small package service

Door-to-door service

Airport-to-airport service

Service of expediting dangerous or specialized content

Service of expediting perishable or non-conforming merchandise

Crating service

Cargo and/or package tracking

Documentation preparation (AWB, SED, LOC, etc.,)

Cargo Insurance

Warehouse and distribution

Loading and Unloading

We have your best interest in mind and can guarantee since we have contracts with all the major airlines it allows us to obtain the best possible routes in view of flight schedules, transit points and the reliability of air freight carriers serving all destinations on all continents. No matter how big or small your cargo is we will be able to move it along as long as it fits on the aircraft.